Include a call `r_flow::flow_embed(...)` in your doc and a diagram will be included.

flow_embed(call, name, width = 1, alt = name)



A call to a flow function, prefixed with flow::


A name for the png file that will be created under 'man/figures', without extension.


width, relative if < 1, pixels otherwise


alt text


Called for side effects, should only be used in roxygen doc


  • As with images in general the image might not be visible when viewing temp doc with the devtools workflow.

  • Don't forget to add flow to Suggests in your DESCRIPTION file.

  • We don't monitor files created under 'man/figures', so if you remove a diagram from the doc make sure to also remove it from the folder.

  • We also don't overwrite created files, so we don't slow down the documentation process, so if you want to print a different diagram for the same name remove the file first.