Provides debugging tools that let you inspect the intermediate results of a call. The output looks as if we explode a call into its parts hence the package name.


  • boom() displays the intermediate results of a call or a code chunk.

  • rig() creates a copy of a function which will display the intermediate results of all the calls of it body.

  • rig_in_namespace() rigs a namespaced function in place, so its always verbose even when called by other existing functions. It is especially handy for package development.

  • rigger() provides a convenient way to rig an anonymous function by using the rigger(...) + function(...) {...} syntax.

  • The addin "Explode a call with 'boom()'" provides a way to boom() a call with a keyboard shortcut.

Package options

Several options impact the display of exploded calls :

  • boomer.print: If the print argument is not provided, this option will replace it at run time. Defaults to the base::print function.

  • boomer.clock: If the clock argument is not provided, this option will replace it at run time. Defaults to FALSE.

  • boomer.print_args: Whether to print the arguments of rigged functions and their values when they are evaluated. Defaults to TRUE.

  • boomer.visible_only: Whether to hide the output of functions which return invisibly. Defaults to FALSE.

  • boomer.ignore: Vector of functions for which we don't want the result printed (usually because it's redundant). Defaults to c("~", "{", "(", "<-", "<<-", "=")

  • boomer.safe_print: Whether to replace emoticons by characters compatible with all systems. This is useful for reprexes (see reprex package) and for knitted report in case the ouput of those doesn't look good on your system.

  • boomer.abbreviate: Whether to show only the function's name rather than the call when it's entered.

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